Whipin Wild Rags

We are so proud to offer you Wild Rags.  But not just any Wild Rag.  We searched for a Wild Rag company that is special.  One that stands for similar values as our family.  One whose quality and style cannot be compromised or questioned.  One that we know we can stand behind and make it worth the cost of your hard earned dollar.  And so, we bring you, Whiping Wild Rags!  Here is a little about their company:

"Our Story

Whipin Wild Rags & Scarves specializes in silk scarves and wild rags made specifically for ladies. Style is fun, exciting and should inspire others and that is what we’re all about!  At Whipin we own the designs on our scarves, and source only finest silk and textiles to provide the best in style, comfort and quality.  Our scarves are made to fit your busy, crazy and oh so beautiful life.

Our Founder
Whipin Wild Rags Inc. is a husband and wife owned business with very humble beginnings. Founded in 2017 by Trisha Giles, in a 1 bedroom apartment where she had hand cut and sewn each scarf for first 7 months while growing the brand. Trisha credits Whipin’s success to the work ethic her parents, who both own small business instilled in her as a young girl. She also credits the success of Whipin to building her faith and strengthen her walk with God which she discusses openly with Whipin’s followers.  As a result of Trisha’s endless hours listening to Podcasts and Googling everything she know’s about business Whipin has quickly became a household name for western wild rags and has since achieved many awards including “Best of the West” 2018 Brand by The Boutique HUB. And was recognized by PayPal as a leading female owned start up company during International Women’s Week 2019.
Our Mission
Whipin was born so that all women will have access to fashion that will change the they way they express their unique style and not be stuck wearing their husband's wild rags. No matter what stage or season of life you may be in—just entering college, expecting your first baby, or waiting for your last child to graduate high school—style is one thing all women have in common. Whipin is founded on the idea that every woman deserves to feel amazing during every season of life, and your accessories are the best way to celebrate the subtle differences that make every woman uniquely beautiful.  By providing the highest-quality, unique designs, Whipin Wild Rags provides women with everything they need to embrace their uniqueness.  Beauty is more than skin deep, and we thrive on helping the inner beauty of every woman shine through by providing clothing that will make their wardrobe match their amazing personalities."
Whipin Wild Rags also carries gorgeous Wild Rags for men, and they are also able to do custom orders.  The detail in their custom orders is amazing.  Contact us if you would like more info on this service.


A "wild rag” is a western scarf traditionally worn around the neck and secured with either a buckaroo knot or scarf slide. Wild rags are traditionally made of silk, cotton or other natural fibers but recently have been made in satin and polyester as well so we can offer hundreds of color, pattern, fabric, and sizes combinations to meet the demands of todays western fashion. Although people today wear wild rags for fashion, we still serve the working cowboys who rely on wild rags for their intended purpose when men and women alike wore wild rags to  to keep warm and keep dust out of their nose and mouth when they were working outside on the ranch or country. 



The fabric is listed on each product page.  

We create our own original designs and prints them on either 100% silk  or a beautiful silky satin that is 100% polyester, we call it fools gold because it's frequently mistaken for silk. 

Our silk wild rags are all a 12mm silk which is a light yet extremely durable weight. We do this so that your Whipin can withstand wear and tear, weather and washing unlike the 8mm silk which is used by other companies.

We created the silky satin line with our western fashionistas in mind, we offer 100% polyester satin again printed with our own original designs and art that looks so real no on will believe it's satin. It has the softness and subtle sheen that you expect from fine silk scar and they come in a wide selection of colors and patters to fit everyones style and budget.