Grace & Lace

In 2013, Grace and Lace made the decision to partner with Angel House, where a portion of every sale would go toward building orphanages in India to house 50 orphans each. The response to the Grace and Lace brand has far exceeded our expectations, and as a result they were able to build two orphanages in the summer of 2014 and another five in 2015, taking a total of around 160 orphans off the street between them all! For the first time in their lives, these children now have mattresses to sleep on, fresh water to drink, and food in their bellies every single day. They have backpacks and school supplies, uniforms, shoes, Bibles, and will now receive a private education. They have house parents to care for them and train them. The little girls also have Grace and Lace socks to wear. =) In addition to the orphanages, Grace and Lace also had the blessing of funding a safe house for young women in 2015. Around 40 young women now have a safe place to live, avoiding the prolific sex trafficking that is so common in the area, while learning a trade in order to support themselves. Grace and Lace is also very honored to be some of the directors for a school/training campus that currently houses 348 orphan boys who are being raised up as missionaries, and also for a Freedom Campus being built in Nepal that will help 50+ girls per year who have been rescued from human trafficking. Their next goal is to open additional orphanages and build a desperately needed and desired church in the area. Grace and Lace is so grateful for each of these opportunities, and for all of their supporters who play such a vital role in making these dreams a reality! Collectively we're all having an impact on changing the world for the better. From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU for joining us to make a difference!